Square Online is an eCommerce platform that makes it easy to accept and manage online orders. 🌐

If Fresh KDS is set up as a printer in Square, online order tickets can be enabled under the Square Printer Settings.

💫 The below steps assume Fresh KDS is added as a Printer Station in Square.

Need help? Learn how to Add Fresh KDS as a Printer Station in Square.

How to Display Square Online Order Tickets

  1. From your Square POS, navigate to Settings - Hardware - Printers.

  2. Tap to select your Fresh KDS device.

    💡 Don’t see your KDS? Follow these steps here.

  3. Enable the following options under ‘Use This Printer For’

    • Online Order Tickets - ‘On.’

    • Automatically Print New Orders - ‘On.’

    • Categories to Print - Confirm all correct categories are selected.

      ⚠️ Please note: If using this Fresh KDS to display orders entered on your Square POS, enable the option for In-Person Tickets.

  4. Tap ‘Test Print’ to verify the printer connection.

  5. Tap ‘Save’ to apply the changes.

💡 To learn more about Square Printer Settings, please refer to the Square Help Guide.

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