⏱ ➡️ ✅ The Order Tracker is only available with the Fresh KDS Advanced Tier.

If currently enrolled in our Basic Tier, this feature will not be available.

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Fresh KDS Order Tracker

The Order Tracker uses an Amazon Fire TV Stick to display a customer-facing screen. Orders from your KDS are listed in two status columns:

  1. Being Prepared ⏱

  2. Ready ✅

Required Equipment

  • An Amazon Fire TV Stick
    Purchase from your desired provider or find it on Amazon.

  • TV or Monitor with HDMI ports.

  • Strong Wi-Fi connection.

Step 1: Set up the Amazon Fire TV Stick

  1. Connect your Amazon Fire TV Stick.

  2. Power up your remote.

  3. Complete the on-screen setup.

💡 Need help setting up your Amazon Fire TV Stick? Please refer to the Amazon Fire Quick Start Guides.

Step 2: Set up the Order Tracker App

Before you begin, please confirm the Amazon Fire TV Stick and Fresh KDS are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

  1. Download the Fresh KDS Order Tracker App from the Amazon Fire TV App Store.

  2. Launch the Order Tracker App.

  3. From the menu, select a Horizontal (Landscape) or Vertical (Portrait) orientation to fit your customer-facing screen.

  4. Follow any additional prompts to complete the setup of the Order Tracker App.

Step 3: Connect the Order Tracker App with Fresh KDS

  1. From the Fresh KDS App, navigate to Settings - Order Tracker.

  2. Toggle On for Order Tracker.

  3. Fresh KDS will scan for your Order Tracker. Once detected, the number of Order Trackers Connected will increase.

  4. Toggle On to display orders that are ‘Being Prepared.’

    • Select which Order Types to display on your customer-facing screen.
      When the indicated order type is received on the KDS, it will also appear under the Being Prepared Column.

  5. Toggle On to display orders that are ‘Ready.’

    • Select which Order Types to display on your customer-facing screen.
      When the indicated order type is bumped (cleared) from the KDS, it will appear under the Ready Column.

    • Set a Ready Time Expiration for the amount of time an Order Type will display under the Ready Column. For example, if set to 20 minutes, orders displayed in the Ready Column will automatically clear from the screen.

💡 Helpful Tips

  • Order Tracker settings can also be updated via the Fresh Web Browser.

  • Settings are configured for the current KDS screen only.

  • KDS screens can be configured to send orders to the Being Prepared Column, the Ready Column, or both.

  • If the Order Tracker receives orders from multiple KDS devices, each KDS must have the Order Tracker enabled and set up.

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