Fresh KDS screens can be placed at any workstation in your kitchen, such as a Hot Bar, Cold Bar, Takeout Station, etc.

The number of screens available for a location is based on your Fresh KDS subscription plan.

Manage or remove created screens from your Fresh Dashboard.

To start, log into your Fresh Dashboard, and select ‘Let’s Go’ for Fresh KDS.

  1. Select ‘Screens’ on the left navigation bar.

  2. Use the drop-down to filter by location.

  3. Click ‘Remove’ next to the intended screen you wish to remove.

⚠️ Removing a screen from a location does not update Fresh KDS subscription plans.

Fresh KDS Screens

If fewer screens are needed at a location and you wish to update your subscription,
please proceed with the following steps:

From your Fresh Dashboard, navigate to Billing & Subscriptions.

  1. Click ‘Manage’ for the Fresh KDS Location Subscription, or use the '>' icon to expand details for another location.

  2. Choose an updated plan and number of screens.

  3. Click ‘Update’ to apply the updates.

Downgrades, including changes from annual to monthly, will go into effect after your current paid-for period ends.

Access Fresh KDS Billing & Subscriptions
Manage Fresh KDS Subscriptions
Modify Fresh KDS Subscription Plan
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