Quick Start Guide

Before you begin: 

You'll need a Fresh KDS account. If you don't already have one click Free Trial on our website and complete the registration process. Congrats! You now have Fresh KDS!

You'll need a dedicated tablet to for your Fresh KDS screen. Fresh KDS was built to run on iOS 13+ and Android 6.0+. If using an Android device, we recommend Samsung or Asus.

Ensure you have a strong and stable WiFi connection. We recommend using hardwiring to your network via ethernet cable and adapter for the most reliable connection.

Note: Fresh KDS will not work if you are using your Square device as a hotspot.

Step 1: Install The Fresh KDS App

  1. Download Fresh KDS from iOS App Store or Google Play onto a dedicated tablet.

  2. Open the Fresh KDS app, and log in using your Fresh KDS email and password.

  3. Select "Square" as your Point of Sale system.

  4. Pick your Integration Type.

    1. If you decide API Integration is best for you, continue below.

    2. For Printer Emulation, follow our alternate guide here.

  5. Give your screen a descriptive name like "Espresso", "Bar" or "Kitchen"

Now, any orders you ring in on your Square POS will display on your Fresh KDS tablet!

Step 2: Place Your Fresh KDS Tablet In The Kitchen

  1. Set your Fresh KDS device in your kitchen wherever it works best for your team.

  2. Some of our customers place a device right on a prep station. Others find that mounting on the wall nearby with a waterproof casing is the best option.

Step 3: Train Your Staff & Profit!

  1. Show your staff how to clear orders (simply tap an order to clear it - or tap an individual order item to clear just that item).

  2. Show your staff how to recall orders (it's easy - just tap the recall button on the left of the screen).

  3. Show your staff this video for a brief overview: Fresh KDS in Action.

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