Do you want your kitchen to hear alerts as new orders come in? šŸ”ˆ

With Fresh KDS, you pick the tone, volume, and repeat options for incoming New Orders and Curbside ā€œIā€™m Hereā€ notifications.

How To Enable Sound Alerts:

Navigate to your Fresh KDS Home Screen. Tap to click on Settings - Sounds.

  1. Toggle off ā€˜Mute Order Sounds.ā€™

  2. Adjust the volume of notifications with the Master Volume Slider.

  3. Changes are automatically saved & applied.

Enable Fresh KDS Sounds

šŸ“¢ Looking for the loudest sound alert for your busy kitchen?

Try using the Default or Whistle option, or pair your KDS with a Bluetooth Speaker Device to amplify sound notifications. šŸ”Š

Learn how to change the notification alert tone.

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