To start, log into your Fresh Dashboard and select Settings - Users.

  1. Click ‘Invite User.’

  2. Enter the User’s Information - Name, Email, and Role, and click ‘Next.’

  3. Select the permitted Companies (or all), and click ‘Next.’

    • Users assigned to a company will have access to the company’s information. (E.g. Company billing, settings, brand integrations)

  4. Select the permitted Locations (or all).

    • Users assigned to a location will only have access to the specific location’s information. (E.g. Location settings and users)

  5. Click ‘Invite.’

📩 The new user will receive an invitation email to create their account. If you don't see the email, please check your spam folder.

The email will prompt the new user to create their account and select a password.

📧 Invited users that have not accepted the invitation will show under Users - Invited in Fresh. An invitation will remain active for one week.

  • To send a new invitation email, click 'Refresh.'

  • To cancel the invitation, click 'Revoke.'

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