Step 1: Confirm your tablet is connected to the internet

Using the Fresh KDS App requires a stable internet connection. Restart your KDS tablet device to refresh the connection.

💡 Is your restaurant prone to network connectivity issues? Try hardwiring iOS or Android devices for reliable, high-speed access.

Step 2: Verify login credentials

If attempting to log in and an error states “Invalid username and password combination,” the problem is related to the account credentials.

If you've forgotten your password, you can reset it by selecting Forgot Password.

*Please note: Access to the account email address is required.

💡 For more information on Fresh KDS Account Recovery, please refer here.

Step 3: Update the Fresh KDS App

Using an outdated Fresh KDS App can cause reliability issues. Verify you are running the latest version or update the Fresh KDS app from your preferred app store.

💡 To learn more about updating the Fresh KDS app, please refer here.

Step 4: Verify billing & subscription information

If attempting to log in and an error states “Issue Authorizing Device,” the problem is related to billing.

Add a valid payment method or update subscriptions on the Fresh Web Dashboard.

💡 For more information on Login Error Messages, please refer here.

Still no luck?

Contact our support team using the message icon at the bottom right of your screen, or email us directly at

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